Since the age of 20 I’m engaged in personal development. Being curious for life and seeking answers I completed many educations. It is true that they all helped me grow but what remained for many years, was the feeling of being a seeker though standing on the brakes.
Only through Possibility Management I received a particularly precious key, a key to my aliveness.


German, English


Hofstetten/Landsberg am Lech, Germany

I found access to my feelings which I had successfully suppressed before, and to my wonderfully concealed shadow sides. And wow, then things started to rock! The lid opened, got literally blown away, and my power which had been dormant for so long could finally come into effect!
I shifted from being a seeker to being a passionate researcher.
The biggest treasure that I got to discover on my path of growth so far is the deep love in me. The love for nature, for Mother Earth, for my fellow human beings, and yes, for myself.
Since 1997 I’ve been working as a trainer & coach and made my vocation into my profession. With plenty of love, clarity, and aliveness I accompany business and private people for discovering their individual key to unlock their inventive powers and creativity so they create new possibilities for sustainable changes.

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