Quadraphonic life, I would call it. From 10 years experience as a leader and project manager in a large German corporation in one corner, to world-traveling North America adventure-tour guide in another corner, to personal development Trainer and coach in the third corner, to bringing intitation and aliveness into everyday life of my field.


German, English


Steinhagen, Germany

It’s clear that the dynamic possibilities in today’s world require multi-talented fitness, or else your decisions won’t go right. What you decide is especially crucial when others count on you to apply the best intelligence available. That kind of multi-talented fitness is my specialty: being on your toes, attentive, committed, yet ready to jump in any direction as needed. Flexible wiseness. Connected self-responsibility. It is fun work: discovering and liberating latent talents to amplify personal and team effectiveness beyond what most people recognize as possible. This makes me a huge fan of Possibility Management.

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  • WendyAustralia
    I feel joy about having done one of the greatest workshops of my life!!!
  • RolfAustralia
    Very lucky to have Dagmar & Michael out here from Germany doing the ETB Training. If you are worried going to a training, where you are gonna get away with stuff and therefore not get the value, I can highly recommend these two. You are not gonna get away with stuff.
  • KateAustralia
    I have been to Jungles in Borneo, snow covered wonderlands in the Arctic, boutiques in Paris, bars in Berlin, hot springs in Iceland, ancient ruins in Mexico, markets in India, fjords in New Zealand, tea gardens in Bangladesh, deserts in Australia, mountains in Morocco ... But never have I been on as big an adventure as I have this past week (ETB). The biggest journey really is within.
  • GlennAustralia
    Dagmar & Michael are extraordinary presenters and are really passionate about their work. It was just a pleasure to be in their program over the last 5 days.