Since I was young the world of competition and win/lose has not made sense to me. Over time my life has become more and more focused on creating a different kind of world, a world based on creative collaboration; a world in which our feelings are honored and valued. When I found Possibility Management I was thrilled to have a framework and the tools to do this and to bring people fully into their own power and clarity. I love this work and the astonishing insights it gives, but I consider the quality of connection and caring I have for people as important as any tools I use.




Seattle, Washington, USA

I first became familiar with Possibility Management through the book Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings. At that time I was working with sex offenders in prison, giving them skills to lead healthier lives. I started using the tools from the book with them and even though I only had the knowledge that could be gained from a book I saw how powerful the tools and distinctions were and it became the foundation of my work there. Now it is my life work to share all that Possibility Management has to offer at a far deeper level; supporting others to change their lives and create what may not have seemed possible before. I’ve participated in Possibility Management training at the Next Culture Research & Training Center in Germany since 2010, and have had the privilege of leading trainings in the US for several years.

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