Life is a constant process of creation. Most of the time we create unconsciously, walking the paths that are already given, because its comfortable and seemingly save.
When I started realizing that I am (really) the creator of my life, I was unstoppable.


German, English


East Switzerland


Schweibenalp, Switzerland


As a passionate traveller and alternative-lifestyle researcher, the world became my classroom and playground. I studied yoga and meditation in the mountains of Spain, ancient wisdom in the jungles of Central and South America, visited and learned in ecovillages, and as a trainer of Possibility Management I curiously keep expanding my Box, giving and taking trainings at different places around Europe.
Today I cannot distinguish my free time from work time anymore. In fact each step is a new opportunity for bringing beauty and healing into the world.
My wish is to support other young adults to walk their own unique path and manifest what is burning in their belly - to take a stand for themselves and what they really care about. So that together we can build a base of awareness and purpose for ourselves and future generations.

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