provided by Possibility Management Trainers and Spaceholders


Possibility Management Services

Within the context of Possibility Management a growing variety of services delivered by trainers and other spaceholders is available.

Possibility Coaching

For now, check out Possibility Coaching to learn more about this special service. In addition to the trainers, you'll find there a whole list of Possibility Coaches with residence, spoken languages, and website to contact them.

Feel to Heal-Coaching

The Feelings Practitioner Trainer Team offers this kind of coaching to support your health. There are healing sessions during Feelings Practitioner Trainings - see calendar - and you are also invited to reach out to one of the Feelings Practitioner Centers for a personal session, see

Possibility Teams

A group of people coming together regularly e.g. once a week for a couple of hours to experiment and give each other possibilities for daily life while using the distinctions of Possibility Management - that's what defines a Possibility Team. Just start one yourself If you don't find an online or offline team in our global PM TeamUp calendar (use the button on our calendar page to choose your language).

Rage Clubs

Healing and feeling starts with accessing your anger in a conscious way. The healing and authentic adulthood initiation space called ‘Rage Club’ is intended to support you in in this process. Read more and find offers in our global PM TeamUp calendar (use the button on our calendar page to choose your language).

Gremlin Transformation / Adult Egostate Decontaminations

Transforming your Gremlin into an agent of Clarity and Possibility: Gremlin Transformation.

Services to support you in living your Destiny

Unfold and deliver the service of your Archetypal Lineage in next culture – Archiarchy: Possibilitator Training.

Using the tools, maps, and processes of Possibility Management in a personal development context to deliver services as a ‘Possibility Coach’.

Becoming an Expand The Box trainer as the service of your Archetypal Lineage in Archiarchy: PM Trainer Path.

Stay tuned - more to come - and don't forget to check out our trainings and resources.