Initiation into Radical Responsibility



Possibility Management training is a learning firework that enables you to make lasting changes in your life in order to live your authentic potential. In the context of radical responsibility, in Possibility Management Training you will train innovative soft skills, abilities and distinctions that enable you to unleash your potential and thereby independently generate new, unusual opportunities for yourself and those around you.

The tools you learn continually develop through your application, so that you can act sustainably even in a constantly changing environment. Possibility Management training is also designed to empower you to be your purpose in action. Your inherent talents will be offered fertile ground to develop if you choose.

In addition to many new distinctions, it also contains aspects from other well-known teachings, such as: B. the transactional analysis by Dr. Eric Berne.

Here is an overview of Possibility Management’s core training courses. Expand The Box Training is our basic initiation training - the door opener for everything else in the list below:

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Manfred, entrepreneur

“I got to grips with old issues from the past that were blocking me in my current life faster than ever before. I have become more myself. I can now clearly sense when I feel something and can use these feelings. This has a positive effect on my health, my relationship and my interactions with the children.”

Holger, meditation coach

“It's been a few days now and I've felt and noticed changes since then. Old entanglements have been resolved! Life, work, contact with people and other things feel different, new, beautiful, great! I'm really excited, touched, stirred, emptied, filled with something new... There is a piece of paper on my table. on which I wrote: “Fun feeling!”

Julia, entrepreneur

“Once again I went into work with caution, waiting and yet full of questions and then the great experience of being well accompanied step by step, being able to enter unknown areas, expand the horizon of experience, analyze it and make it usable. Perfect balance between theory and practice. Useful and applicable knowledge for communicative processes. Hats off and thank you very much!”

Silvio, therapist

“The three days of training were exciting and educational for me because I went through healing processes. I feel about 2 tons lighter, which means that old burdens have been able to dissolve and say goodbye. It is extremely everyday work, centering, creative, trust-generating, consciousness-raising, box-expanding, relaxing, spacious and healing.”


“It was intense, but not exhausting at all. There was so much positive energy available that the work seemed to happen automatically. And I felt safe despite my fear. The anger work was powerful and fun. And I was able to learn a lot from other people’s processes. I am looking forward to the next time."

Anton, entrepreneur

“This training pushed me to the limits of my comfort zone and expanded my awareness. It was exhausting, but that's exactly why it was so effective. I am much more awake now and can recognize many of my conditionings and go beyond them, which opens up new possibilities for me. And the many tools that I can use both professionally and privately – simply sensational! A clear recommendation!”

Holger, business trainer

“I am filled with great enrichment, deep joy and gratitude. Anyone who wants to live their life consciously and intensively should attend an Expand the Box training!”


“In the ETB you really practice, train and empower. I felt like a human being, like a valuable human being who was allowed to be free, who was allowed to be empowered and responsible, who was allowed to feel and ask uncomfortable questions. BEING: being able to be authentic, seeing and accepting yourself in your entire being. Wow! It gives me a taste of a world I long for!”


“Nothing more can be done in 3 days. The content is consistent and excellently prepared.”


“Thank you for your important healing work. I felt invited, challenged and held.”