Cornelius Butz

Possibility Trainer

Cornelius Butz

Do you know that feeling of relief when you wake up from a horrible dream and realize that it didn’t actually happen? Or when, after a long time, you can finally lay down a very heavy physical or psychological backpack? Or when you suddenly understand something that was a long standing problem?

My wish, for those of you who come to me is that this kind of relief might be enabled.

As an entrepreneur I trained myself to look for common ground in opposites, for the differences in similarities – to see and to communicate about the nature of complex interrelations in a simple and lively way. I navigate these fine energies in people and between them in their relationships. I can help find new perspectives on life.


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My goal as a young man was to become rich so that I could use lots of money to make the world better. I wanted to be a great husband and father, giving his children everything they needed for their own lives. But at what point can you call yourself „rich“, a „great“ husband for a woman and „good“ father for your children? Who sets the rules? Whose expectations am I meeting? Who measures the results? My customers? My wife? My children? In-laws? Friends? Perhaps I myself?

Trying to live up to the expectations of my loved ones and my customers and those I had for myself, almost tore me apart.

It took me until I was over 50, having raised two sons, wearing out two marriages and nearly going bankrupt twice, until I began to really understand what it means for me to be a MAN:

To recognize that I am an abundant, eternal Being, temporarily incarnated in a body with male organs.

To have released the cultural blueprint of „Man, Father, Husband“ and to have come to truly understand a few more things like:

To set heartfelt boundaries, to hold space, to befriend and manage my thoughts and feelings, and to be able to navigate (with) them;
to master some crucial basic knowledge in the area of ommunication;
to take radical responsibility for my life;
to own the ground beneath my feet and to be in peace with what is!

That my life is about the opportunity to love and to give others the permission to love me.

We are led by opinions (planted so deeply in our unconscious that we don´t even know we have them - often adopted from thirt party) on how we or somebody or something should be.

In order to hang on to these views and to distort reality we must imploy psychopathic skills. In order to rise to the level of psychopath it is necessary to dull one´s feelings.
The price is high, we pay for it with our lives (that we aren’t living...). We carry heavy internal tensions and toxins. Real intimacy becomes too dangerous, because then we would have to open and then all would be revealed!

The psychopath in us demands faith and loyalty to obvious misconceptions, fueled by the pressure of existential Angst – without mercy regarding our own self destruction!

And another power in us poses uncomfortable questions, and questions faith and loyalty. It courageously accepts the collapse of an ailing construct.

This power we nourish and strengthen in our Possibility Management Trainings.
This is the power we are totally committed to help you to develop and for these processes we provide highly secure spaces.

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