Dagmar Thürnagel

Possibility Trainer

Dagmar Thürnagel

I am wisdom, love, clarity, possibility, empowerment. My archetypal lineage is Illusion Slayer.

As far as I can remember I was seeking how everything is interconnected in the big picture, and how it works to be a human being. Over long years I learned particularly how it doesn’t work – despite the apparent best intentions and ostensible good results. School left me with giant question marks about practical life. The religion of my childhood was narrowing for my spirituality and my womanhood. In studying natural sciences I came to the limits of what my innermost sense allowed to be tolerable for our home planet. In relationships I got entangled repeatedly in the same patterns. And all that was somehow – I was always aware of it – connected. From my present viewpoint one of those connections is to overestimate what the human mind alone is able to do.


German, English


Southern Germany

Having been trained in Alexander Technique and the Eyebody method brought me a big step further and closer to people. For more than 20 years I have been supporting people to discover their physically debilitating habits and to try out alternatives - leading to a life with more ease, relief of pain and increased flexibility of movement. My breakthrough on many levels came through the Expand The Box training and further Possibility Management trainings. I passionately support people to gain a freedom of movement beyond their well-trodden patterns in their minds, hearts and spirits as well. A special joy for me is the cocreation of training spaces with my partner Samoto Michael Hallinger. I see and marvel the ways in which this work heals relationships, including the relationship to Mother Earth.

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