Gunnar Bäsmann

Possibility Trainer

Gunnar Bäsmann
I am always amazed to see the unexpected depth of connection and love that arises when all masks fall apart and people truly reveal themselves. And at the same time, this often unconscious, unadorned, authentic now also opens the hidden doors to profound transformation. To be able to accompany this revelation and evolution: what a joy!

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"Set yourself free!" was the title of a music cassette that a well-meaning friend gave me after school. The title painfully revealed to me my limited, trapped existence and the questions: Who am I really? What is liveliness really? What does it mean to be human? It was the beginning of my personal journey of discovery. I studied architecture and living spaces for people and began to meditate. My questions about the energy of places led me to geomancy. There, completely new spaces of invisible realities opened up to me and I discovered my sensitivity for energetic phenomena and my natural connection with Gaia and her manifold powers and dimensions. The striving for new culture brought me to the Schloß Tempelhof Community and to Possibility Management. Here I found true connection. With each other and with myself. I was given a clear definition of my position in the here and now, lots of precise distinctions and learnt to feel. Unimagined intensity and vitality included. And I found something like home in a culture of non-judgemental compassion and radical responsibility. Since 2011, I have been exploring, nourishing and developing this culture and inviting other people to join me. I accompany them with energetic precision, grounded serenity and compassionate clarity in the service of creative movement and manifesting creative power.

After a year on the road with my family, I have been living in East Belgium since 2014, creating a place for transformative culture. With free learning, crafting, gardening and increasing training spaces for self-empowerment and evolution.

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