Manouk Fiechter

Possibility Trainer

Manouk Fiechter

I'm a great fan of Babysteps! Because no matter how tricky the situation the only thing you can do is take your next step. I have a fine sense for your ressources and limits and accompany you with humour, clarity and empathy.

Community, Connection and Co-Creation are part of my Calling and - again and again I`m touched when masks trop and those fine and fragile souls connecting spaces open. My heart flows over with joy and I know why I`ve been born.


German, English, French



Spiry trails led me trough many different worlds, downs and heights, and they widen my horizon, sharpened my senses and trained my intuition. And therefor I bring the quality of empathy and respect for different realities, decisions and lifepaths. All of us have good reasons for standing on the exact place we are right now. I support you in finding out where you want to go. Which is your next step?

My fine sense for interhuman connections was developed from a very early age, and a lot of time when I observed how people interact I was filled with pain. As a child I isolated myself. As an adult woman I have other possibilities available and it`s up to me to choose what I want to create!

The context of Possibility Management resonates with a deep longing inside of me and ever since I know my purpose on earth. To empower people, open spaces for connecton and becoming more and more alive everything we are included – our feelings, our strengths and our shadows.

Whenever people show themselves and speak from the bottom of their hearts, when their wounds and longings and potential show, I feel truly honored and grateful. I accompagne you with joy and empathy into this new land of feeling, radical responsibility and authentic connection.

As a Possibility Management Trainer I`m dedicated to find the path which everyone - truly and without compromisse everyone – is happy to walk, the young-ones and the elder, women and men, adults and children. A lot of times it seems impossible, a «detour», «backstep» or «startover». And yet all of that is worth it!

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