Marietta Schürholz

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Marietta Schürholz
I am an expert of "Berührbarkeit", but there is no english synonym, because touchability does not include the emotional and the energetic body. So may be I am that: A cook and a shaman, an artist in the social field, cooking with all forms, aspects, flavors and colors of life, visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. Transformation is my passion, and even though I am quite slow in it, it is the substance that nurtures me the most.

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She is an extraordinary pirate, someone who holds the compass to the divine, accompanies your journey to innate power and wisdom. When she invites her bright principles to be present, love, clarity, transformation and creativity are in action. Wherever she is there the invitation for a soul to dive deeper into its true essence, and if something is not in resonance with a deeper healing process Marietta will detect it with compassion and precision. Early on she started becoming a theater director, then got a PhD in art history, worked in the art world, met her first Buddhist teacher and went as travelling historian artist to India and Nepal. There she led pilgrimages for women on an inner quest. She is a brilliant poet and a cook, one who cooks with plants and people so that we taste our essential and refined interconnectedness with all life. As a trainer, a business consultant and a personal coach she spreads her energetic arms and her heart wide open to listen carefully to the emerging, so that initiation into the next possibility of ourselves can happen. The transformed power of the queen of her underworld can guide you with a sword of clarity, tenderness and compassion into awakening the beauty and strength of vulnerability.

Since 2016 she offers possibility management trainings, workshops and possibility teams all over Germany (South of Munich, Lake Constance, Cologne, Bremen), in Switzerland, the Netherlands, India and Brazil.

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