Michaela Kaiser

Possibility Trainer

Michaela Kaiser
I have always somehow sensed that stress, pain, illness and conflicts are gifts to be approached inquisitively, almost like Christmas presents. I’m attracted to breakdowns because of what comes next, what comes through. Life flows along, always in process.

German, English


Northern Germany

When I work with a client or a group, the flow is fascinating to me. I step into the movement and suddenly another panorama opens up, one that was not apparent when standing still on the sidelines. New actions become doable. I apply both linear and nonlinear technologies, from physiotherapy and healing practitioner studies to Possibility Management. It’s been 15 years already, being a playful space in which healing happens. I have learned and been able to give so much to people. I’m a companion in transformation, bringing inner beauty to the outside, to enjoy it, to share it. I strongly support people in walking new paths and recognizing and using their own strengths.

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