Patricio Diaz

Possibility Trainer

Patricio Diaz
My life used to be about being a professional violist for 40 years, a music teacher for 30 years, a member of an intentional community in New York City for 35 years. I have been the father of a loving young man. I traveled around the world playing, exploring and experimenting with friends, teachers, gurus, and communities. I knew I was looking for something, but I did not know what I was looking for, until I found it, accidentally, by walking through the back door. Through mere coincidence I participated in an Expand The Box training and stumbled into an entirely new kind of orchestra. Vitally alive people were playing enthusiastically on instruments I had never heard of before. They called the music: Possibility Management… (the name is not so musical, indeed, but at least it is clear.)

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The ‘sound’ of this new music touched me so deeply and magically that my long-carried energetic blocks, my serious conclusions of impossibility, and my wounded hardline opinions melted completely away as if they had never been there. I could start over down a new Path, enriched by learnings from my previous life. Yes, the way is tough. It is also celebratory and joyful.

During Possibilitator Training I could become – and am still becoming – an Apprentice, a Bridge to Next Culture, a translator of the painful wake-up calls from Gaia, and perhaps most astonishingly, an Adult. It is this Adult who entered the Trainer Path. I saw so many people benefitting so much. It was clear that if I could help create that for others, my heart would fly.

I am happy to be able to share the tools, thoughtmaps, and processes that have so positively changed how I relate with my family, my friends, my work, and myself. I feel as inspired each time I create and navigate a space where others can unfold and fire-up their amazing potentials.

Through applying PM tools together, we engage in a true Hero’s Journey. We retrieve great treasures from our underworld, then turn around and use what we find as mountain-climbing gear to walk the Path together. Over and over, we trek around a bend and become fully awestruck by the breathtaking views. Whatever we discover in these peak experiences, we carry back with us into the ordinary world where they provide tremendous value for others. I am so happy to co-create a future that emerges from the evolution of consciousness.

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