Sonia Willaredt

Possibility Trainer

Sonia Willaredt
As a child I felt the sun rise each day, although I couldn’t tell many people how important this seemed to me. I also felt each tree being cut, and again, I could not share the intensity of loss I experienced. Fortunately I was carried for six years by a living Druidic Training School where I found resonance in an ancient vocation: midwife for change.

German, English


Southern Germany

I viscerally remember how the relationships between all things, natural and energetic, inner and outer, can be directed to foster bright purposes, and can become the transformative experience of true love. My own children have already grown up, and my present community is emerging from its pioneer phase. Suddenly it touches and surprises me to feel re-embraced by Gaia. Daily she nudges my spaceholding for Possibility Management towards catalyzing human beings into adulthood. I am surprised that my childhood oversensitivities have become the tools I use to help people increase their caring about the tenderness of all life, and to learn to make best use of the time we have here together.

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