Stefan Ackermann

Possibility Trainer

Stefan Ackermann
There are numerous beings coming from the future, Stefan is one of them. He is deeply grounded in omnipresent awareness, emergence of possibility and diving abundance. Wherever he works there is a door opening into transformation, clarity, love and playfulness.

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Stefan is a companion into unconditional love. It is his nature; he cannot help but see a miracle, uniqueness and an abundance of evolutionary possibilities in everyone. At the same time he is an observer with an unbriable eye. As a doctor of philosophy (PhD), a musician, an auditor, a consultant and trainer he can combine complex phenomena and see the energetic skeleton of the deeper truth in people and processes. The numerous insights he can download and his rich kit of methods and tools he will share with generosity where is service is needed.

He is the man of the wide horizon and the big perspective. And with that he can rest in ease and trust the process, stay serene and never loose a sense of play and lightness. As a partner of his wife Marietta he offers a wonderful example for a man who can rest in pure awareness and trust into the healing intention of all life, deeply grounded into the solidity of Gaia. Why that is why Stefan considers elephants his very close soul mates. Like them with a gentle touch he dances his path without irritation and if there is an obstacle on the way to ever-growing humanity he will gently uproot it. He is sacred warrior and his armor is love, clarity, transformation and a passion for life and celebration.

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