What is Radical Responsibility?


FAQ: What is Radical Responsibility?

The term “radical” is intended to mean without compromise, far-reaching or thorough. We could also call it absolute responsibility. The result of taking radical responsibility is that there is no one else to blame. Excuses no longer suffice. You take radical responsibility by placing yourself in an energetic position with the universe where you declare: “No matter what happens, no matter what is, I am responsible.” Clearly, you abandon the concepts of “fairness” and “security” when you claim radical responsibility because being absolutely responsible is neither fair nor secure. The radically responsible perspective says: What is, is. There is no such thing as a problem (because “there is a problem” is a story that you or somebody else made up). Irresponsibility is an illusion. It is impossible to be a victim. A significant level of initiated maturity is required before you can claim radical responsibility and have the universe believe you. But if you do manage to take radical responsibility the universe suddenly starts working in interesting new ways. Possibility Management begins when you take radical responsibility for creating your Box.