Ana Noram­buena

Possibility Trainer

Ana Noram­buena

Even though human beings carry ancient history in our cells, we must face the irrationality of modern culture and find authentic ways to grow up, so we can provide value to our tribe as our heart and soul deeply desires.

My quest began as I left Chile at eighteen years old to study and perform theater in Germany. After some years on stage I could no longer deny the connection between stage drama and life drama. The connection was that neither drama seemed real. I needed to find out why.


Spanish, German, English


New Zealand

I entered Counsellor Training and learned methods, tips, and tricks for coping, but not until I discovered Possibility Management did I encounter: Transformation. Here were straightforward procedures for inventing human connection without the ordinary down sides. Here was astonishing clarity that delivered five-body healings, decontaminations, and initiations into adulthood. Finally the next-culture Wizardress in me could come alive.

Life moved me to New Zealand in 2015, where I now hold space for the Possibilitator Training path. I thrive through empowering others to discover the magic of human consciousness for creating transformational relationships.

Although my path has been wrinkled, I am living proof that nothing that ever happened in the past can prevent you from living joyously now. I welcome you to play full out with us.

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