What do you mean by Copyleft and Open Code?


FAQ: What do you mean by Copyleft and Open Code?

Possibility Management is copyleft, which means that it cannot be copyrighted. Possibility Management is also open source code, which means that the original distinctions are freely available for people to use, improve, and derive further works. Specifically, we adopt the Creative Commons licensing protocol (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike International 4.0 License) (CC BY S-A Intl. 4.0) which states that derived works should also carry the legal attribution and share-alike clauses. Anybody, anywhere who has the ability to consciously understand and responsibly use the thoughtmaps, tools and processes of Possibility Management has full authority and responsibility to further expand, deepen, clarify, evolve, apply, and share them. There is no (and actually cannot be any) individual or organization who can limit the development of, exclude others from making use of, or demand a license fee, percentage, royalty, or commission from others using or teaching Possibility Management. People who deliver Possibility Management classes, workshops, Trainings or processes, of course, need to receive compensation for their services. But the context and thoughtware of radical responsibility cannot be copyrighted. All further development of Possibility Management feeds Gaia’s creative commons.

Copyleft is appropriate because the growing set of tools, processes, and thoughtmaps through which Possibility Management is applied come from an inexhaustible source of clarity and possibility open to all who can access it. In fact, one objective of Possibility Management trainings is to prepare you to personally jack into the same bright principles that empower Possibility Management so that these bright principles can serve you for the rest of your life as resources, and through you, your people.