Judith Kaiser

Possibility Trainer

Judith Kaiser

It all came naturally.

When I was sad as a child, my mum would sit with me and hold space for me. When I was 10 years old, my dad started holding a pillow for me to express my anger and find my purpose. Having feelings had always been normal for me - until I started school and got into a lot of trouble. I was officially prescribed multiple conventional and unconventional obsessive-compulsive therapies.

Today I am grateful for this foundation. It gave me the crystal-clear determination to leave the traditional school route when I realised how my children reacted to it. A year of travelling and 2400 km through Europe as a family finally led us to Belgium, where we have all been learning without school since 2014 - listening to our inner calls and following them more and more.


German, English, French



I attended my first ETB in 2016. In the same year, my husband Gunnar Bäsmann and I opened team rooms together and alone, and since 2017 I have been giving women's rooms, rage clubs and multi-day interspaces in which a change of perspective, freedom of judgement and presence in all bodies can be experienced and people can grow and blossom individually.

I have been holding ETB trainings since 2018 and discover new facets in the maps every time. Regular online offerings have been added since 2020.

I am a wife, mother, architect, teacher, healer and intuitive gardener, a human being on the path.

I accompany you in your uniqueness at eye level. Discovering your very own impulses and structures with you expands my and our shared spectrum of presence. I love being surprised by the incredible creativity of our individualities. We are all so wonderfully different and holding space for you to unfold fills me with humility and appreciation for the diversity of our humanity.

My guidance is based on the cosmos of Possibility Management, complemented by my own life experiences, my practice in systemic family constellations according to Hellinger, experience in body intelligence according to Grunick, as well as further training in non-violent communication and trauma work (Levine/Hübl/etc.).

You can find more information about my work at www.ganzes-leben.de (see link below).

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