Katharina Kaifler

Possibility Trainer

Katharina Kaifler
Accompanying people on their courageous journey towards their self-expression, creating spaces in which they discover and bring their very essential voice into the world, this is my passion. It involves confronting inner blocks and wounds, and this is not always easy – but it is fun and worth all the effort.

German, English


Region Zurich (CH)

My own path was intertwined. After the evening school at the BAW I worked for 17 years as a freelance consultant in advertising and marketing, built my personality and developed my business foundation. My freelance work allowed me to study astrology for 10 years along the way for learning the laws of life and establishing a small consulting practice. Initiatory journeys to remote countries and most recently, a multi-year training in Possibility Management at the Next Culture Research & Training Center brought me to a point where all of a sudden my vocation became obvious: Possibility Management Trainer.

For me it is clear that as a trainer my own learning and transformation cannot end. I use Clarity, Compassion and Enthusiasm to help people discover authentic communication, healing levels of intimacy, and astonishingly fruitful shifts of perspective. There is nothing more beautiful for me than to witness someone stepping into their power – when this tingling vibrant force seeps through their veins. Suddenly they see what they used to deny, they speak with their hearts, and their soul shines through.

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ekatharina@katharinakaifler.cht+49 170 2810 460wkatharinakaifler.de

My Upcoming Events

Possibility Women's Lab
Focus Outdoor
  Thu, Aug 1 @ 07:00 - Sun, Aug 4 @ 16:00
  Seminar Farm Inner Nature - Loitzendorf (Southern Germany)