Patrizia Patz

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Patrizia Patz
Ever since I was a little child I was dreaming of finding my vocation – this one specific task which could be my contribution to the big picture. But to bring this dream to life I had to wake up first. The big challenge was that I had no idea I was sleeping, no idea that the powerful adult woman in me was still dormant, waiting to be finally kissed awake. And it was not a prince who kissed me awake but the intense initiatory processes into adulthood provided by Possibility Management.

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Southern Germany

The power and the clarity being alive in me since then make my former dream seem pale. Being your destiny in action is way bigger than you can imagine in your dreams. And this power has become the ever-evolving light in my work with people. Are you still dreaming or are you already living your destiny? What are you really here for? What is it that ignites your creative enthusiasm and pays your bills and at the same time fulfills your deep longing to put yourself into the service of something bigger? This triple productive way is your destiny, your calling, just like everyone carries it inside of themselves. Your life has prepared you to follow it just like my life prepared me for it. But modern society wants us to fit into their plans, wants us to sleep and dream instead of following our own life plan in a culture that we create according to our ideas. So come on and let’s set off together to unfold what you are! What’s great about this is that even if your vocation doesn’t fit into society’s known parameters it is still needed and wanted by many people in the world because the world is changing right now. A lot of things that are desperately needed today remain unfulfilled until you decide to make yourself available and live your destiny. I am doing this as a Possibility Trainer accompanying you and liberating your potential so it serves yourself, your team, and the world.

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Possibility Women's Lab
Focus Outdoor
  Thu, Aug 1 @ 07:00 - Sun, Aug 4 @ 16:00
  Seminar Farm Inner Nature - Loitzendorf (Southern Germany)