Lisa Ommert

Possibility Trainer

Lisa Ommert
The rumors I've heard claim that both colleagues and clients appreciate the compassionate clarity that comes flying through me during our sessions. My heart seems to open and create a safe space for them to be with whatever wants to be seen and healed. Simultaneously, a fierce elegance delivers the powerful distinctions of Possibility Management to unleash each person's further potentials.

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I decided to trust when the Universe gently - and sometimes abruptly - nudges me to take my next steps. Whoever they are out there managing the coincidences, they seem able to put me to good use even if I specialised in being a generalist.

I began serving as a project manager and marketing consultant within corporate hierarchies. Through further education and training in the psychological field, I rediscovered and unfolded my existing skill as a listener and creator of possibilities. When I discovered Possibility Management I gained a dynamic series of tools and processes empowering me to support people on the transformational journey to unleash their extraordinary human powers. I cannot adequately express to you how fun this is.

Courage * Clarity * Joy * Connection

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