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Tanja Gerold
The deep longing for purpose, connection and evolution has been with me my whole life. How can we as human beings be, live and work with each other in a healthy, authentic way? How do we create a culture, where it is possible to fully show up, learn, grow and collaborate? A culture, where each person takes responsibility for themselves and their lives, lives their calling, and in doing so contributes to the collective and our planet?

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Southern Germany

During my 20 years as an executive in large corporations, I have had the painful experience that there is little room for such a culture in these contexts. Throughout my years in marketing, product and licensing management, I had a sense that something completely different was necessary and possible. That was also what drove me to take on responsibility for personnel and organizational development within the corporation. What can I say? I learned a lot and was able to make a difference together with my team. But, unfortunately, not enough to bring about lasting change.

For many years I have been researching these questions in various trainings and educations: systemic coaching, bodywork, hypnotherapy, integral organizational development, constellation work and some more. In 2010, with Possibility Management, I discovered a context that researches far beyond personal development to these very culture questions. I was thrilled! And I still am today. Since then Possibility Management has been the most important part of my personal evolution and my work as a trainer.

As a consequence, I built up a company myself and now support people and organizations, who are wholeheartedly interested in personal growth and a new culture. With a combination of gentle calmness and powerful clarity, I support my clients in releasing obstructive blockages and taking evolutionary steps that emerge from within. So that they live and act more and more from their essence. It touches and nourishes me deeply when I see, how aliveness returns to people's faces and bodies and how they are in touch with themselves and other beings. And how this makes low drama, manipulation and competition obsolete and authentic contact and true co-creation possible.

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