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Vera Franco

Since my teenage years, I kept two questions constantly close to my heart: “What is my true purpose?” and, “Is this the best we can do?”

These questions led me to leave the Linear Life Plan, my birth culture, my birth country, and spend a decade in a consciously-created regenerative-culture ecovillage in Northern Scotland called Findhorn. Their new way of living, collaborating, and healing incubated possibilities for a new me to set foot on my Path. I learned important soft-skills for attuning to the energetics of spaceholding, and also hard-skills for living in harmony with the land.


English, Portuguese, Spanish


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Yet still, unconscious human drama patterns prevailed in our relating, and these caused rifts and struggles that impeded our collaboration and purpose. I was missing a clear inspiring context for authentic aliveness that thrives in a vision beyond personal and collective healing. I found it in Possibility Management, in the authentic initiatory processes and in the astonishing abundance of Clarity, Love, and Possibility.

Now my two life questions empower Discovery and Transformation for myself and others. It is what I have been looking for all along: clarity for radically regenerative human cultures on Earth: How to get there, and how to thrive there.

You can count on me to listen well and never put my Sword of Clarity down. If you seek healing and evolutionary steps along your Path, we are on the same Team. I welcome your company. There is a lot of good work to do together. If you seek someone to give you answers of how to live life, I will not do this.

I hold a vision of human beings helping each other grow up with a sense of adulthood derived from the incredible potentials of perception and creation that Gaia has designed into us. There is so much to explore and develop together.

Through Expand The Box Trainings and Possibility Labs, and the Possibilitator Training, I am fully engaged in radical collaboration for the evolution of human consciousness and co-creating Archiarchy. With incredible tools and processes from Possibility Management we help each other stand in our nonmaterial value and actually deliver it to the world.

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