What is Possibility Management, anyway?

Through transformational trainings, Possibility Management offers modern initiation work into adulthood.

Possibility Management works with 4 bodies

Physical Body

What does it help you to think up great concepts, projects, or gameworlds with your head if the thing that is hanging down from your neck is dysfunctional? During Possibility Labs you will get to nurture your physical body with organic food (and joyfully cooking it), refreshing gymnastics (inside and outside), activities in nature to reconnect with Mother Earth, archetypally dressing up at a formal dinner, and further homework that keeps bringing you from your mind into your physical body.

Intellectual Body

If everybody has the same disease the disease disappears from everybody’s awareness. The disease of modern culture is trying to live life in the mind. But no worries, even in Possibility Management we will give you sufficient thoughtmaps that your mind can grapple with. After all, your mind is a brilliant tool that you want to use from time to time.

Emotional Body

The feelings work in Possibility Management is NOT about getting rid of your feelings or feeling good after you had a good yell. In the trainings you will learn to reconnect to anger, sadness, fear, and joy step by step in the very pace in which your nervous system can hold and integrate it sustainably. Rather than following the cultural teaching and suppressing your feelings whenever they come up, once you have reconnected to your feelings you will be able to respond to unwanted situations faster and with more clarity, navigate delicate spaces with more precision, and endure more ecstasy in your day-to-day life.

Energetic Body

Each of the four bodies has its own language. What is the language of your energetic body? Your energetic body has a being which expresses itself with presence, will, vision, commitment, and the ability to connect and to be-with other beings. In the trainings you will get an immense amount of energetic food and energetic tools for protecting yourself, centering yourself, creating and navigating spaces, reconnecting to your intuition, seeing with your energetic eyes, and tapping archetypal energy sources to let the energy “go through you” so you don’t use up your own energy when faced with bigger challenges.

Shadow Work

The Jewels Underneath your Beliefs and Wounds

Every part of your personal underworld that you don’t own, owns you. Gradually you will come to challenge your beliefs, one at a time, and heal your wounds, one at a time. You will get deep insights of how your sabotage programs and defense strategies work to keep you from doing what your heart and your soul are starving for. Your underworld will never go away, but by changing your relationship to your underworld you get to live a life that is determined by your conscious life purpose rather than by your unconscious survival patterns.

Bright Work

Learning to Tap Other Resources

Once you get out of a personal survival mode which may be related to money, love, food, success – you name it – you become interesting to forces of nature that want you to play a bigger and more interesting game. In Possibility Labs you will prepare yourself for tapping these forces of nature so they can provide you with their wisdom and energy to do what you came here to do in the first place: being inspired by life and contributing your unique gifts to the greater good.

These are some of the most important elements from Possibility Management,
but in its entirety it is way more than its elements.

Possibility Management is a living path, evolving continually.

In more than 40 years of empirical research, Possibility Management has gained a wealth of distinctions about feelings and emotions and now offers cutting-edge practices and tools for healing and empowering – on a personal and thus global level.

Possibility Management has been steadily emerging through private experiments by small circles of people in Europe and North America since 1975. Since 1998 Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs have been delivered with immediate practical application in everyday life.

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