Anne-Chloé Destremau

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Anne-Chloé Destremau
Born into a bi-cultural and bi-lingual family in France, plus living in four countries before I turned 18, it is no wonder I feel most at home as a global citizen. After studying law at Sorbonne Université and working as a lawyer in Paris, I exited the modern scene, journeyed alone slowly through South East Asia, spent half-a-year at Buddhist Monastaries in New Zealand and Nepal, then was asked to be Manager in Spain at the first Ecosystem Restoration Camp. Nonetheless, it was not until Possibility Management unleashed clear adult feelings in me that I could use my law-sharpened precisions to empower rooms full of people to take back their own clarity and authority. This brings true joy in my life.

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Global (traveling)

I was not aware I was an agent of transformation until I met other transformational agents who welcomed me as their peers. Before then I thought I was a very strange human being. Now I see that I am just an ordinary trainer. I am shocked at the lack of imagination of modern culture to bring people to life in their true calling so they can serve society from beyond its edge. Now that I can stand on that edge, I dedicate myself to reaching over to my brother and sister edgeworkers and calling them back into action, even if they are afraid to show up in their true power again, even if they forgot that not knowing how to do it does not matter. When I can deliver clarity that ignites unquenchably sparkling eyes and a committed voice from other young people I regain hope for a bright future for humanity.

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