Doing It

Nobody can walk the path of initiation for you.
But nobody can stop you from doing it, either.


No matter if you are looking for relationship, life, business, or executive possibilities, during individual coaching sessions you will take a look at where you are standing in your life right now and what the next development step is.

Together with your Possibility Coach, you build the capacity to make choices in areas where just a few moments before no options were visible.

With new thoughtware you can create completely new results
without changing the circumstances.

Initiation is a life-long process that starts where you are.


Exit the comfort zone of the eternal known and step into the endless world of possibilities.

In Expand The Box you start building a new matrix that holds more consciousness and lets you become an agent for building a world that you want to live in.


Implement what you learn in everyday
private and professional life.

In Possibility Labs you overcome inner blocks by getting deep insights into your true needs and hidden purposes.


Trainer Labs train and qualify you for professionally delivering Possibility Trainings.

Trainer Skills Labs and Trainer Research Labs teach and research how to upgrade human thoughtware to the archearchal context of radical responsibility.


There are regular ongoing courses in which you can learn more about and work with the context of Possibility Management. The courses are especially useful for the times between trainings to keep practicing and building matrix. If you haven’t been to any training yet, you might want to check out the Study Groups.

Possibility Team

Possibility Teams are weekly 2 or 3 hour transformational meetings of 4 to 9 people with a spaceholder.

The purpose of Possibility Teams is to learn more about Possibility Management. If you haven’t been in touch with the context yet, this is a great opportunity to get to know what Possibility Management is about. And if you have already been to Expand The Box or Possibility Labs, in a Possibility Team you’ll get the chance to go deeper with distinctions that are not provided in the trainings.

Participating in a Possibility Team also allows you to get possibilities for any given situation or topic you are facing and to experience an extraordinary evening with a group of people who are committed to the necessity and the success of each participant.

Rage Club

Rage Clubs are weekly 2 or 3 hour transformational meetings of 6 to 12 people with a spaceholder.

The purpose of Rage Club is to consciously tap the feeling of anger so that anger is available to you whenever you need it, without being possessed or overwhelmed by it.

In modern culture we are deeply conditioned to believe that it is not okay to be angry because “anger is one of the negative feelings,” or because “anger is dangerous, loud, embarrassing, uncivilized”. When you learn to own your anger and use it responsibly, you get clarity and can act, protect yourself and stop getting involved in victim-drama-stories.

Rage Clubs are an extremely safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect to the power of your anger.

Rage Club participants should at least have participated in one Expand The Box training so they have, among other things, shifted to the New Map of Feelings.

The spaceholder is someone who has participated in Expand The Box at least twice and has been in a minimum of four Possibility Labs with a variety of Trainers.

Study Groups

Study Groups are weekly 2 hour meetings of 3 to 12 people with a spaceholder.

The purpose of Study Groups is building matrix. Study Groups are more of a discovery journey than a discussion round, more about exploring what we don’t know than defending what we already know.

Paragraphs from a book are read out loud and people share their questions, comments and observations from their ongoing experiments.

As study material, any context-rich documentation will work. Since the context of Study Group is Possibility Management, we recommend reading paragraphs from the Possibility Manager Handbook, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, Directing The Power Of Conscious Feelings or SPARKs.

Further Offerings

Come and get a first impression of Possibility Management in action. You will experience a different kind of thinking and start expanding beyond who you thought you were.


Get a taste of how authentic transformation can feel like.


Get an impression, but don’t expect to just lean back in your seat.

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Connect and find your fellow pioneers for a better future.

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