Possibility Coaching

Everything you need is already inside of you,
mostly dormant, wanting to be woken up.


Possibility Coaching leaps fresh out of the context of radical responsibility by applying the tools, thoughtmaps, and processes of Possibility Management. These coaching tools and distinctions were discovered accidentally during 40 years researching authentic adulthood initiatory processes.

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Possibility Coaching guides you to take a gentle but precise look at the thoughtware you are using to think with.

It does not only address the intellect, but also works on the physical, emotional, and energetic level. A main factor of the coaching is the conscious feelings work to enhance your full potential.

You go to the core of your process in a safe and supportive space. Together with your Possibility Coach you discover sources of inner blocks or hidden doors to your potential.

It is you determining the pace.
Your Possibility Coach goes as far with you as you are willing to go.

When is Possibility Coaching useful?

Possibility Coaching is entirely dedicated to your special needs and issues.
Together with your Possibility Coach you will create new possibilities for leading a more successful and fulfilling life, be it job-related or private. Many individuals have reported to us that their first session with a Possibility Coach became a turning point in their lives.

Your Possibility Coach supports you in taking the step into a new future.


An entire session ranges between 150 and 250 EUR, tax included.
The amount depends on the particular process or which coach you choose.


A full coaching session runs somewhere between 90 to 120 minutes. We also suggest to set aside an additional hour or more after your session to integrate and generally digest the experience by taking a walk or sitting at a café. Please give yourself the space.

  • A. ClevenGermany
    I had already intensely delved into guidebooks for happiness, psychology, and NLP, but never before had I ever experienced anything like the Possibility Coaching. I came with a relatively concrete issue that I hardly hoped to solve anymore, and which found its origin and also its solution at a totally different place than I expected. NEVER had I thought that something like this could be worked out and resolved in 1.5 hours of Coaching. Certainly, I am still on my way but I am proud and grateful for having made the first steps. And for anyone who still hesitates I want to absolutely recommend this adventure, this gift.

New possibilities are lying directly in front of you.
Are you ready?

Possibility Coaches are also Possibility Management Trainers who lead Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs.
Such level of commitment builds immense experiential qualifications to provide you with the highest quality Possibility Coaching.