Expand The Box

You have a Box.
You are not your Box.


Expand the Box is the core training for Possibility Management: a safe and astonishing 3-5 day learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviors.

I’m ready!

There are forces at work that make you ask:

of your relationships and your ability to respond creatively to the opportunities and challenges of life.
If you wish to grow up and live full out there is no avoiding the deep inner processes of examining and possibly changing your old decisions and beliefs.

99% of the possibilities available right now are invisible to us.

Expand The Box is a safe learning environment where you work as a team to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility. The key to these discoveries lies in the extraordinary thoughtmaps, tools, techniques and processes of Possibility Management.

We train individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group. Learning occurs through practicing new forms of experiencing and creating in the safest of conditions, where you can make maximum mistakes with only positive consequences.

Through the exploration of new thoughtmaps, practical exercises, and group processes,
you will discover the power of your feelings, learn to be centered, and get to know your Gremlin.

Expand The Box will give you possibilities to:

Expand The Box provides you with astonishing skills in the area of listening, speaking, feeling, experiencing and connecting, which will make your life richer, more vivid and more conscious.

Expand The Box installs swinging doors
through walls that previously appeared to be impenetrable.


Expand The Box lasts 3 to 5 days
from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.
Last day is from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.
Deviations are possible. For details, please see events in calendar.

There are breaks about every two hours.


We generally use seminar houses in the countryside providing organic food and lodging for all participants at the training location (in single or double rooms). For details and possible exceptions see the specific event.

It is an alcohol-free training.


650-950 EUR tax included (companies pay 950 EUR, repeaters 400 EUR for the 2nd, 200 EUR for the 3rd, 100 EUR for the 4th and no training fee from the 5th ETB). Meals and lodging extra.

For valuable hints read
The Money Question.

  • RamonaGermany
    Thank you for 3 fulfilling days in which I could experience a growing inner order, centeredness and the expansion of my self-made patterns of thinking. Patrizia's loving and responsible way of spaceholding empowered me to embark on an inner journey in which I was allowed to clean up and discover the treasures that are now being expressed. I am happy that there are more and more people who are 'different', just as I have felt for a lifetime. It is time to play adult games and take responsibility because there are unlimited possibilities.
  • Adriano UrsoItaly
    The first obvious effect after the ETB is the feeling of being more sensitive, of having a better perception of the emotions and this desire to experience a more informed use of my feelings, to be mindful of the effect that my emotions have on myself and on the people I interact with, whether it is a person meet by chance or whether it's someone I love. And clearly realizing how much I let emotions carry me away unconsciously, for example in a simple discussion with my grandmother. Well, they say that the beginning of change is the close observation of these dynamics. Then I have already begun!
  • RolfAustralia
    Very lucky to have Dagmar & Michael out here from Germany doing the ETB Training. If you are worried going to a training, where you are gonna get away with stuff and therefore not get the value, I can highly recommend these two. You are not gonna get away with stuff.
  • GlennAustralia
    Dagmar & Michael are extraordinary presenters and are really passionate about their work. It was just a pleasure to be in their program over the last 5 days.
  • PetraGermany
    I am overwhelmed and feel great and enthusiastic. The abundance of information and the way one thing followed the other, was awesome. The partner exercises were very box-expanding. The Expand The Box training differs from other trainings mainly in the way that the exercises are intensive and practical and thus go directly into the body and in addition you get an abundance of maps, which allow the mind also to understand and which you can read over and over again. From this training participants can expect an expansion of their possibilities, inner growth and the discovery of their potential.

Are you ready to dive into the endless world of possibilities?

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    Expand The Box

    Marietta Schürholz, Stefan Ackermann

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