Possibility Labs

Something completely different is possible.
Right now.


Completing Expand The Box qualifies you to attend a Possibility Lab: a 3-5 day training to be fully empowered as a skilled change-agent,
less in theory and more in practice.

Take me to it!

There is an immense difference
between understanding what should be changed and actually changing.

Between knowing the path and walking the path.

In Possibility Labs your personality Box expands with adulthood initiatory processes, novel soft skills, radical responsibility and stellated archetypes, connecting you to the inner resources that launch you into a meaningful and adult life.

For everyone

Although both beginners and advanced participants join the trainings at the same time, the learning turns out to be very personal, addressing individual topics. It is a tradition in Possibility Management that advanced participants share their experiences with new participants.

Always different

In Possibility Labs each participant is met where they are and goes through those particular processes which are most valuable for him or her personally at this stage in their life. That is why Possibility Labs are unpredictable, exciting and different each time, both for participants and for the Trainers.

One team

During Possibility Labs we work individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group using parallel play within a creative sanctuary. We set up and take down the training spaces together. We plan, shop for, prepare and clean-up meals together. This builds the practical capacity to create a learning community.

Possibility Labs build in you the matrix to hold the consciousness
for functioning in next culture.
This work empowers you to go your way and be your vocation in action.

With Possibility Labs you will learn to:

It will be difficult not to use what you learn:
as any authentic initiatory path, Possibility Labs change who you are.

Over the years we have identified 18 Core Initiatory Processes
and now deliver 1 or 2 for you in each Possibility Lab.

During your 10th Possibility Lab your commitment to your initiatory path will be formally recognized in a celebratory space.

Fulfilling your destiny step-after-step along the way – doing what you came here to do – takes on a whole new level of effectiveness. Encompassing both shadow and bright worlds is a true odyssey that any adventurer will tell you is not always a pretty sight. These experiences reposition your assemblage points and provide a new reference frame for a life of enhanced engagement, creativity and love.

(The focus for the certification after 10 Labs is on Possibility Labs. Therefore a maximum of only 2 Women’s / Men’s Labs or other special Labs counts. Special Labs are those having a different format than regular Possibility Labs, e.g. a Possibility Lab with the focus “outdoor” or with the focus “relationship”.)


Possibility Labs last 3 to 5 days
from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Possibility Labs start with a silent sitting at 07:00 am on the first day and end by 06:00 pm on the last day.


Possibility Labs take place in seminar houses in the countryside where we cook our own food and stay in comfortable single, double or shared rooms.
Participants sleep all in the training location.


650-950 EUR tax included (companies pay 950 EUR). Meals and lodging extra. Since we share food costs, the price for each person usually adds up to about 8-10 EUR/day. Lodging costs range between 25 and 50 EUR/night.

Expand The Box is the prerequisite for joining Possibility Labs.
Possibility Labs are alcohol-free trainings.

  • HolgerGermany
    Dear Patrizia, dear Nicola, dear Thomas, it has now been a few days since the LAB passed and I feel and notice since then changes. Old entanglements have been solved! Life, work, contact with people and others feel different, new, beautiful, great! I am really excited, touched, stirred, emptied and filled anew .... There is a note on my table - it says: "The Fun of Feeling!" Thank you Patrizia, thank you Nicola, thank you Thomas for your service to me, my feelings, my heart, my BEING! Holger  
  • MikeU.K.
    In the days since this process I have been observing a sense of the world opening up before me. More choices, more possibility, fewer ties to past experiences. It’s as though my vision has expanded so I can see more before me and beside me, there are more routes to choose from. I don’t see what the possibilities are yet, I see that there is Possibility. Expand the Box and Possibility Lab are opportunities for deep exploration, healing and rapid growth. They probably aren’t for the faint of heart. Or perhaps a faint heart could encounter some warrior to balance it. The events I attended were held with courage, compassion and skill by five different trainers.
  • Franca BaroniWashington, USA
    I am immensely grateful for the gift you have shared in the Possibility Lab. It was an incredibly inspiring, empowering and transformative experience that brought me to a new level of determination to co-create. You are masters at what you are and share, and I deeply appreciate the integrity of your work. I am moved and I have been taking concrete steps to come out!! I will continue...
  • BenjaminGermany
    Dear Patrizia, dear Nicola, dear Michael, the lab last weekend was a great experience for me. I have long hesitated after my ETB to do my first lab because I was afraid that it would be too intense for me, that I could not sleep etc. It was intense, but not at all exhausting. There was so much positive energy available that the work went as if by itself. And even with my fear I always felt safe. The anger process was powerful and fun. The trip to the underworld was exciting and is still working in my system. And I could learn a lot from the possibility chairs of the others. I am already looking forward to the next Lab! Many Thanks! Benjamin
  • Matteo TangiItaly
    Last day of my 8th Lab. Today I saw two participants standing in front each other in despair, drama, and disconnection. I saw them working their ass off to go beyond their projections, expectations, and resentments. Two trainers and the whole group of participants were holding space, supporting, and committed to serving them. I saw transformation happening. The same two human beings were standing then in their power and vulnerability in respect and love for the being in front of them. Very hard work that makes the impossible possible. This is what I see in the Possibility Labs.

Get a Taste

In a safely held space you gradually leave behind illusions, beliefs, dependencies, and patterns that you unconsciously adopted from others or from your childhood, and you begin to unfold your own life’s rich possibilities!

This is big work. If you can do any part of it, future generations will thank you.

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