Trainer Research Labs

One of the ways to be a good Trainer
is to keep learning and experimenting and making mistakes.


After having been at 3 or 4 Trainer Skills Labs and delivering 3 or more of your own Expand The Box trainings, you will have built the matrix for attending your first Trainer Research Lab: a 5-14 day co-created resonance field for further developing Possibility Management.


Trainer Research Labs are experimental spaces

Since they provide you with transformational talents for producing results for individuals and groups that are often so astonishing they are indistinguishable from magic, Trainer Research Labs could be called a magician’s school.

Since they teach you to establish a working relationship with the void, to hold space for and make use of the endless resource of nothingness, Trainer Research Labs could be called a mystery school.

Since they teach you to build a business of training Trainers to upgrade human thoughtware to the context of radical responsibility, Trainer Research Labs could be called an incubator for social entrepreneurs.

Trainer Research Labs serve five purposes


To build your trainer matrix in your energetic body through both linear and nonlinear, surprising and intimate Trainer-level experiences.


To connect and exchange with Trainers bringing the Trainer Guild together and weaving further connectedness in the Trainer Body. Trainers share what they have developed and learn what others have discovered, exchanging research.


To upgrade Trainer Guild strategy and tactics for furthering the Possibility Management Trainer Guild as a mutually empowering organism serving the evolution of consciousness in the world, collaborating with other global training centers and initiators, and updating the Trainer Guild Codex.


To deliver kick-butt personal processes that boost each Trainer’s ability to be their destiny in action, even if this involves chairwork processes that are too complex, too delicate, or too cleverly Gremlin-defended to be handled in Possibility Labs.


To train Trainer-Trainers, in other words, to train Trainers how to deliver Trainer Skills Labs and Trainer Research Labs. It is Clinton’s opinion that we need one million Possibility Trainers and Possibility Coaches working in the world right now operating in all fields of culture shift in order to bridge people from Patriarchy and Matriarchy to Archearchy.

Strengthen yourselves for you are guardians of Gaia, protectors of mother Earth.
Each and every one of you.

Trainers should come to Trainer Research Labs when

  • They deliver Expand The Box trainings
  • They attended at least 2 Trainer Skills Labs
  • They find deep in their heart a strong resonance for supporting the Trainer Guild in its commitment to upgrading human thoughtware to the context of radical responsibility
  • They are inspired about growing the Trainer Guild community by caring about and empowering new members, and about deepening their connection and collaborative projects with other Trainer Guilders


Trainer Research Labs
last 5 to 14 days
from 7 am to 10 pm daily.

Once a year the Trainer Research Lab
takes place outside of Germany.


We generally use seminar houses in the countryside where we cook our own food and stay in comfortable single, double or shared rooms.
Participants sleep all in the training location. It is an alcohol-free training.


Will be communicated upon registration.

Since we share food costs, the price for each person usually adds up to about 8 EUR/day. Lodging costs depend on the country and facility.

It takes a lot to get into a Trainer Research Lab.
As compensation, you take a lot out of it.

Upcoming Trainer Research Labs

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