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Learning the magic of the invisible.


By participating in 6 or more Possibility Labs, you stand in the level of adulthood that can make use of Trainer Skills Labs: 3-5 day practice environments to be trained and qualified as Possibility Management Trainers.

This is my path!

Trainer Skills Labs fulfill five purposes


To check out wherever you are personally still hooked into low dramas, still projecting mommy and daddy onto external authority figures, still engaging subtle competitions, still listening to voices in your head, still using the three kinds of emotions instead of thriving in the adult ego state, still letting your Gremlin eat the possibilities and intimacies of your life, still not aligning with your Pearl, still not serving your Bright Principles, still not jacked into your Archetypal Lineage, etc.


To learn from experienced Trainers how to: write in the Trainers’ Alphabet on flip charts; draw thoughtmaps while navigating space with speech; connect into the source of each thoughtmap so you not simply repeat from memory; be the space through which your Bright Principles can do their work in the world; use simultaneous swords of clarity to navigate a training space full of unconscious mega-Gremlins; work with sexual energy seductions from Black Widows and White Widows; tap into the Bright Principle of Possibility as a resource in Trainings and your daily life; bring possibility and clarity to participants before, after, and between trainings; establish in participants an inspiring vision for using Possibility Management gameworld as a bridge to next culture, Archearchy.


To learn how to deliver Possibility Labs, including the archetypal stellating processes, the whole group big processes, the technopenuriaphobia (TPP) healing processes, the authentic adulthood initiatory processes, the elegant and formal processes, the underworld processes, the job manager system, the feedback and coaching on breaks, and the processes that have never been done before.


For Trainers of the Trainer Skills Labs, to create clarity and possibility at the Expand The Box and Possibility Lab Trainer level by providing what is wanted and needed by new Trainers, and also receiving their feedback and coaching.


To train other Trainers how to deliver Trainer Skills Labs. In other words, for experienced Trainer Skills Lab Trainers to replace themselves at this level in the Possibility Management gameworld so they can level-up.

If the universe is making it clear it’s time for you to deliver Expand The Box trainings,
and you have chosen to accept the offer, then you should come to a Trainer Skills Lab.

Participants of Trainer Skills Labs


Trainer Skills Labs last 5 days
from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

The training starts with a silent sitting at 07:00 am on the first day and end by 06:00 pm on the last day.


Trainer Skills Labs take place in seminar houses in the countryside where we cook our own food and stay in comfortable single, double, or shared rooms.
Participants sleep all in the training location. It is an alcohol-free training.


1.190 EUR incl. tax, plus room and board.

Since we share food costs, the price for each person usually adds up to about 8 EUR/day. Lodging costs range between 25 and 50 EUR/night.

  • Heike ZwingelGermany
    THANK YOU for these 5 days of training that you have filled with not-knowing, nonlinearity, no concepts, great joy, connection, courage, feedback, jokes, unimaginable possibilities, inspiration, empowerment, energy and so much love. My system is flooded with a quantity and quality of energy and joy that I have never felt before. I was able to experience how much pleasure it is to be in service without concept and to be hooked into the source. WOW - this work has deeply touched me and the whole team. You and the whole team have fed my being in these 5 days as nothing in my life did before. I am very grateful for that.
  • Klaus StreseGermany
    This was the best, the most impressive and the most nourishing Lab I ever attended to. Wow!!! 4 days in spaces of love, clarity, commitment, friendship, rapid learning and new experiences. It was great. Learning to hold and navigate spaces, to scan people in all their 4 bodies and to feel what they need to hear from me right now. I experienced for the first time what it means to really commit, to be there every day for everyone and at the same time everyone has been committed to everybody ...It is unbelievable what happens when it is no longer about me. Really cool!!!

Modern society is taking a long walk off a short pier.
This means that personal development is not just about you anymore.

Personal development is crucial for the continued existence of human beings on Earth.
Do you want to help?

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