What is a Liquid State?

What is a Liquid State?
February 24, 2017 Super Admin

The fulcrum of initiation work is the liquid state. The liquid state is the in-between stage where you are not yet where you want to be, and not anymore where you were before. It is a condition that modern culture likes to treat medically, avoid, or not even allow. That’s because the value of this condition is usually not recognized, let alone acknowledged, utilized, or even intended. Instead the common attempt is to avoid the liquid state. The established strategies range from distraction through extreme sports or games to drinking alcohol to consuming pills for mental regulation.
You can compare the liquid state with the situation of a pupated larva before the butterfly hatches. After its transformation the larva no longer hatches as a larva. A completely new form emerges with new functionalities and new possibilities. The in-between state is when structural components can move around and establish new relationships with each other.
This transformation process would naturally occur at an age between 15 and 18 when a human being is structurally capable to take 100% responsibility and to feel and navigate 100% intense feelings. But since this is not a natural part of modern culture we start in the safe space of a training exactly where you are.
During authentic adulthood initiatory processes human beings experience liquid states in one or more of our four bodies: physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic. A liquid state does not guarantee a change. However, if there is no liquid state how could anything shift around? Learning the characteristics of four-body liquid states helps you detect when change is underway, and a map indicating how the change may be happening. If a change is desired then a liquid state confirms you are right on course!
Gandhi said: “You need to be the change that you want to see in the world.” Even if your opinion is: “Well, so far I got through life pretty good, even without transformation,” an era is dawning where the change may not even knock on your door anymore but just walks in.
And then it would be good to know the liquid state.

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