Stacia Karina Beazley

Possibility Trainer

Stacia Karina Beazley

I am so regularly surprised and delighted by the unfolding of the human way of 'being' in the world. So many parts of us all functioning at once, creating the synergy and symphony of who we each are.

After exploring many cultures and landscapes across the globe in my 20s and 30s, I turned my attention to traversing the many internal landscapes of us humans, and how the two interact.

My journey of re-connection to my own inherent guidance system, and the many landscapes through which I continue to travel, is what inspires me to share this work with others where we continually grow together and learn from each other.

Creating transformational spaces that bring clarity and wisdom is how my love flows into the world.





I am a researcher of radical human relating who is fed by challenging social norms; a writer, speaker, wisdom keeper, trainer and world bridger.

After 10years in the corporate sector I shifted my management skills to the non-profit sector and began to see new worlds of possibility as I worked alongside therapists in the programs I was raising funds for. I soon re-arranged my life so that I could study Holistic Counselling and Shamanic Practices, two doorways that saw me shedding old 'modern culture' skins in favour of working directly with people who where seeking authentic lasting change in their lives.

It wasn't until I discovered the work of Possibility Management in 2016 that a bright inner light switched on to the clarity of what we are really made of and, because of this, what else is really possible in how we interact and navigate with each other and the world. The distinctions, practices and processes in PM are gold and I'm grateful and excited to be part of it's infinite evolution.

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