I was born in Kansas but moved to Europe in 1995. By 1998 I became courageous enough to deliver the first Expand The Box training. This means Possibility Management was not imported from America. I invented it here in Europe. I think it emerged as a side effect of going through evolutionary liquid states outside of my birth culture. Each time my Box melted down in trainings I was far away from the American morphogenetic field, so I was not forced back into the American Box. At the same time I had too much world-knowledge to become French or German. So in each liquid state – and I was in hundreds of trainings – I came closer and closer to enlivening my essential curiosity. This is adulthood initiation.


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GEN Conference at Zegg


Zimmern, Germany


Steinhagen, Germany


Mallorca, Spain


Luckily I had no clue where this insatiable question mark might lead me. If I did, the degree to which I would be changed would have frightened me enough to defend normalcy. It wasn’t the seeking so much as what I found that was transformative. No one hinted that uncontainable understandings remained essentially undiscovered by modern culture. After all, we put a man on the moon! We have iPhones and SatNav and broadband WiFi. We have Wikipedia! Well, the gameworld we’ve concocted for 40 years, what we’ve come to call Possibility Management, does not even register on the Wikipedia radars yet. But a quiet (r)evolution is unfolding. A global PM community emerges. Radically responsible individuals are finding each other. We are cultural edgeworkers, pirate thinkers, and people building bridges that others can cross to post-patriarchal cultures centered around free-schooling, relocalized authority, and ongoing adulthood initiatory process. Now, along with deepening the Trainer Guild and writing books and making films, I do everything I can to strengthen the already existing archearchal ecovillage cultures. It’s what I came here for – planting new thoughtware seeds in fertile soil.

The coolest projects I am working on these days include:
122 Ways To Create Ordinary Love http://122ways.strikingly.com
Distinctionary http://distinctionary.xyz
SPARK Experiments http://sparkexperiments.org
StartOver.xyz massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal transformation game http://www.startover.xyz, also at SpacePort http://spaceport.strikingly.com
Coaching Movie http://coachingmovie.com
Nanonations http://nanonations.org
Initiations http://initiations.org
Adulthood http://adulthood.strikingly.com
Torus Technology http://torustechnology.org
Inner Permaculture http://innerpermaculture.xyz
General Memetics http://generalmemetics.org
Possibility Coaching http://possibilitycoaching.orgp
Possibility Team http://possibilityteam.orgp
13 Tools http://13tools.strikingly.com
Possibilica http://possibilica.org and http://possibilicacookbook.strikingly.com
Create An Expand The Box Training http://createanexpandthebox.strikingly.com
The robert wolff Library http://wildwolff.strikingly.com
Clinton Callahan http://clintoncallahan.org

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  • Possibility Lab

    Possibility Lab

    with Ana Norambuena, Anne-Chloé Destremau,
    Clinton Callahan

  • Possibility Lab

    Possibility Lab

    with Ana Norambuena, Anne-Chloé Destremau,
    Clinton Callahan

  • Birgit SchmidtGermany
    Since working with you, Clinton, so many things have changed. I am way more clear, direct, and authentic. I also found access to my feelings through your work. It is super to take responsibility myself and make my own choices. My life and my attitudes changed in the shortest time so much and I feel enriched. In my daughter I see so clearly that it is so important for her that I work on my issues, because now she doesn’t have to mirror so many things to me and doesn’t have to carry my stuff. She doesn’t hide anymore and shows up with all her presence and power. This is so wonderful. I thank you very much for your wonderful work!
  • Shayla WrightCanada
    This is a man who has gone through fire, who has died to who he was so he can be who he is now. This is a man who is calling on anyone who can hear him, to become a full adult and then an awakened human being. And this is a man who is not a guru, who is quite profoundly human and vulnerable and real.
  • Uta WestGermany
    Everything feels so light and held. I can feel myself and many things are new. Today it seems to me that I look through different eyes. The view is not fogged anymore. Even though I didn’t sleep much tonight I am awake since 7 o’clock and feel an alertness in me which I haven’t known since I was 2 years old. I love this kind of transformation and its results!