As much of an outdoors woman as I am, hiking whole ranges in the lovely Alps, I’m just as fascinated by the challenges of the inner human terrains. Being in service of people and the Earth as Edgeworker and Possibility Trainer is my vocation. It is remarkable what resides in each of us and it is really dear to my heart to unsheathe this jewel in many people so that eventually a more conscious culture can emerge in which each individual lives their true potential, and human beings as well as organizations treat each other and the Earth respectfully in every way.


German, English, Spanish


Donauwörth, Germany


For 15 years I worked as a project leader and key account manager in well-known companies. During that time I became painfully aware of the fact that we never learned to interact in a really relational way, but instead are stuck in a labyrinth of pursuing success, competition and being right. I started investigating the topics of communication, conflict management, team building and development of human potential and finally ended up in an Expand The Box training in 2008. A completely new game world opened up for me; an incredible context empowering men and women to own their full power and treat each other and the Earth respectfully while being their vocation in action.

I was deeply touched and at the same time shocked that Possibility Management was so little known back then. My life changed promptly. I got answers to questions how I could connect to my true being and how to live a fulfilling life that fit me. And yes, I had to look deep inside my inner terrains to get there, which was often challenging, but also fun. It finally revealed to me that human beings are actually designed to fly.

To experience how people leap over their inner boundaries, come into their full power and get this unique, vivid, radiant sparkle in their eyes, is what inspires me during my work over and over again and fills my heart with joy. With a lot of sensitiveness, joy of life and great clarity do I lead individuals as well as people in organizations through change processes towards new possibilities and empower them to live their true potential. I am grateful for all the skills I have learned and experienced myself on my diversified way and which I combine today in transformational trainings for personal and global change. Do you join the path of change?

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  • Expand The Box

    Expand The Box

    Nicola Nagel, Patrizia Patz

  • BenjaminGermany
    Dear Patrizia, dear Nicola, dear Michael, the lab last weekend was a great experience for me. I have long hesitated after my ETB to do my first lab because I was afraid that it would be too intense for me, that I could not sleep etc. It was intense, but not at all exhausting. There was so much positive energy available that the work went as if by itself. And even with my fear I always felt safe. The anger process was powerful and fun. The trip to the underworld was exciting and is still working in my system. And I could learn a lot from the possibility chairs of the others. I am already looking forward to the next Lab! Many Thanks! Benjamin
  • PetraGermany
    I am overwhelmed and feel great and enthusiastic. The abundance of information and the way one thing followed the other, was awesome. The partner exercises were very box-expanding. The Expand The Box training differs from other trainings mainly in the way that the exercises are intensive and practical and thus go directly into the body and in addition you get an abundance of maps, which allow the mind also to understand and which you can read over and over again. From this training participants can expect an expansion of their possibilities, inner growth and the discovery of their potential.
  • HolgerGermany
    Dear Patrizia, dear Nicola, dear Thomas, it has now been a few days since the LAB passed and I feel and notice since then changes. Old entanglements have been solved! Life, work, contact with people and others feel different, new, beautiful, great! I am really excited, touched, stirred, emptied and filled anew .... There is a note on my table - it says: "The Fun of Feeling!" Thank you Patrizia, thank you Nicola, thank you Thomas for your service to me, my feelings, my heart, my BEING! Holger  
  • AnjaGermany
    I already had investigated deeply into several advisory books for happiness, psychology and NLP, but I never experienced something similar as with Nicola Nagel. I went to the coaching with a specific topic, on which I had given up hope. NEVER had I thought that such a topic can be resolved in 1,5 hours. I am certainly still on my way, but I am proud and grateful to have done this first step. I really want to recommend this adventure, this gift to everybody who is still hesitating.
  • ClaireSwitzerland
    I am filled with courage and have the strength to continue on my way to freedom. The Expand the Box training was full of clarity, life changing, comprehensible and RICH. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • MikeU.K.
    In the days since this process I have been observing a sense of the world opening up before me. More choices, more possibility, fewer ties to past experiences. It’s as though my vision has expanded so I can see more before me and beside me, there are more routes to choose from. I don’t see what the possibilities are yet, I see that there is Possibility. Expand the Box and Possibility Lab are opportunities for deep exploration, healing and rapid growth. They probably aren’t for the faint of heart. Or perhaps a faint heart could encounter some warrior to balance it. The events I attended were held with courage, compassion and skill by five different trainers.