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Self-efficacy for holistic health

Discover your emotional body and your very own healing powers!

Your emotional life is the key for healing and development - for both yourself and your clients.

The gateway to the Feelings Practitioner Path is the Core Training. There you will learn the essential distinctions and core processes of the Feelings Practitioner work. It allows a paradigm shift in dealing with illness and health. In Feelings Practitioner Labs you will experience the depth and width of the evolutionary healing field.

Experience Feelings Practitioner emergency medicine, the healing potential of the Tissues of Resonance and the fun of fully incarnating into the physical body! Get familiar with new dimensions of meeting symptoms like insomnia, joint pain, teeth grinding, allergies, back pain, neuropathy, inflammation, digestive disorders, intoxication and more.

To become a Feelings Practitioner yourself, you train to hold space in a way that allows processes to reverse and patterns to change. You learn to provide innovative tools and means to release obvious and hidden emotional blocks.

The Trainer Team is happy to advise you of prerequisites for both your personal healing journey and perspectives for your further professional training: