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What is a Possibility Men's Lab?

This is a "man’s world“, knew the singer James Brown already in 1966. The price to live in it is tremendous.

Read the last two sentences again.

Sadly, most men are not aware of that price. They were taught to sleep. They unconsciously chose surviving dormant in captivity, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, instead of unleashing their unique and needed talents to create a world, where all of life is respected and valued as an important part. Probably not so much you, since you are reading these lines.

Yet, this is a serious tremor to the foundation of your life, fellow man! Listen up! Are you still trying to be someone or are you doing what is expected of you?

How are you living your true needs in connection with "the world“? Which of your talents do you want to cultivate and what are you ready to leave behind?

You need your authentic self. Stop pretending you don’t know why. You know it. The other men need your authentic self as a brother, father, colleague, friend, son, partner and a role model for a different way of being in intimate relationship and community with men (and the world!). The world needs your authentic self. Only you can deliver what you can deliver. No one else can.

The Men’s Lab offers a raw, vulnerable, playful, clear and powerful space to rebirth the nature in you which you forgot or got excluded, so that your primal force evolves and you act more out of your pure self. The opportunity is to initiate yourself amongst men to be able to take more adult responsibility actions in your life and therefore create new results, so that your love can shine! And, yes, at lot more than that.

This is the way.

Will you walk with us on the path of exploring what becomes possible for you in the circle of men?