Rage Club
  Sun, Jun 16 @ 09:50 - 18:00
  B√§umlisaal - Winterthur (Region Zurich (CH))


CHF 150 - 300

No additional costs, just bring your lunch with you in own responsibility (approx. 1 hour break).

Info & RegistrationManouk Fiechter


Use the contact also for details about content and logistics of this specific event beyond the general information on this page.

Welcome! It's time to be authentic and real, to unlearn the education and to awaken your wild side!

Discover your inner fire anew and use the focused energy. Sharpen your awareness and your spoken words - let both become the blade of distinction and learn to wield them responsible, as well as in alignment with your warrior soul and heart.

We all have reasons to be angry, and probably this is denied to you because it is seen as harmful, destructive and violent. Often the suppressed energy turns into its opposite, and the energy level drops: bad mood, emotional difficulties, anger, trouble dealing with others....

What if this anger also carries the power of initiation, renewal, boundary and transformation? What if this was the moment to dissolve the mindset of forced goodwill and allow your true self to emerge?

This is exactly what a Rage Club is all about! Developing a new relationship with anger so that you can use its energy and information consciously and productively in your everyday life. iv as an adult in your everyday life. It's a space where you can empower yourself, reclaim your natural authority, clarity and eagerness to move forward.

Find peace with your anger - away from aggression, towards authenticity.