September 30, 2018 @ 10:30 - October 3, 2018 @ 16:30

Seminarhaus Engelscheuer
Immendingen, Germany


English, German




VAT included

Marietta Schürholz


Stefan Ackermann


Emma Richardson & Sebastien Tubau

Guest Trainers

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Marietta Schürholz

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is a 4 day journey to embody your feminine radiance and masculine presence, no matter if you are single or in a relationship. You will learn through nourishing and intense exploration how to meet more fully, deepen intimacy, play in deep and passionate connection. 

Born in connection and we feel hurt when disconnected. Healing begins, when we reconnect, with ourselves and others. Humans meet their essence in connection. 

The workshop will weave together three linages serving clarity, love and presence. Through Possibility Management you practice self-empowering distinctions to consciously feel and therefore take responsibility for your intentions and actions. With the three invisible connectors of Hedy Schleiffer’s work you receive simple but magical tools to cultivate the relational space, bridge to the world of your partner and be nourished by a true souls´ encounter. 

Being fully seen and fully met is the starting point of intimacy. On this ground we can invite the play of masculine and feminine energy. Through consciously polarizing as taught in the tantric traditions and the work of David Deida we are thriving to embody the gift of presence and life force in flow. It is this play which enables attraction, sexual fulfillment, creativity and co-creation… and so much more! 

By bringing the best of relational and psycho-emotional contexts, tantric and energetic work together you will be lead to:  

  • Staying centered in contact
  • Making a distinction between the box and the being of yourself and that of your partner
  • Being aware of and handling the difference between feelings and emotions
  • Observing your “Gremlin” (your unconscious defence mechanisms)
  • Taking full responsibility in your partnership
  • Learn how to use the three invisible connectors to create deep and authentic connections
  • Experience the healing of being truly seen and truly met
  • Feel the distinction between masculine and feminine energy and explore their different colors and flavors
  • Reconnect, embody and move from your energetic essence
  • Strengthen your nervous system, emotional and energetic body to sustain a deeper and more intense connection
  • Learn how to consciously create attraction, passion and sexual intimacy

During this retreat, you are going to work with: 

  • Experiential learning with a strong emphasis on movement and embodiment through easy and practical exercises that you will be able to take back to your daily lives
  • Specific men’s and women’s practices
  • Investigation, Sharing and Debriefing
  • Conscious celebration and ritual

"embody, move and play from your energetic essence" 

This journey is open to: Men and women, both couples and individual participants.

We ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshop for cohesive practice forms. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender for the sake of practice. There is no nudity or explicit sexual touching in the workshop. We ensure a bright, clear, safe and strong container through open-hearted service, integrity, clear boundaries and distinctions.