Intensity The Game – Evening Event

Special Event

May 2, 2018 @ 19:00 - 21:30

Naturheilpraxis Neumann-Mangoldt
Donauwörth, Germany


for room costs


Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt


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Viva Essenza

Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt

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Intensity is a game that offers a soft and playful access to the context of Possibility Management. The goal of the Intensity Game is to reach together with your fellow players a deeper and more authentic level of being with and get to know yourself and the others in a new way. Each player is in action at the same time, whether as speaker, listener, observer or feedback giver. During the Intensity game there are no losers, but just winners, because the game is about learning and growing together in a playful way. Intensity opens a tangible space and might bring you into feelings. This is part of the game. Experience an extraordinary evenining full of heart to heart connection, authenticity and joy of life. Are you ready?