Talk: Master crisis with resilience


February 22, 2018 @ 19:30 - 21:00

Planegg, Germany





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Patrizia Patz

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Master crisis with resilience

Step by step to emotional health and authentic resilience

You would like to change something in your life, but you feel burned out, overwhelmed, stressed out? You have no idea how to muster the strength to turn your life around for the better?

Many people - professionally or privately - are staying too long in a situation harming them. Even until physical or psychological symptoms show up like burnout or depression. And then what? Many of my clients come to my coaching to find out their calling, because they have developed a burnout in their previous job. Most of them, however, are so exhausted that a "normal" coaching is not feasible for them. They lack emotional and energetic strength and creativity.

The technical term for this strength is resilience.

Authentic resilience does not mean to numb yourself in order to be able to take as much as possible. It is about learning to use feelings as a source of energy and information as well as to act centered and in your power in a constantly changing environment. While the resilience so highly praised in psychology is more related to the physical and intellectual body, the resilience program primarily trains the emotional and energetic body to activate the power resources within. So you can be vulnerable and powerful at the same time, without having to numb yourself. That is authentic resilience - it's part of your aliveness as an adult person!

Learn more about this inherent power and how to gain access to it in your adult life.