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October 11, 2021 @ 19:00 - October 13, 2021 @ 17:00







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Marcin Szot

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What are Trainer Skills Days?

By participating in 3 or more Possibility Labs or being part of the trainer path, you can make use of Trainer Skills Days. Trainer Skills Days are technical theory and skill-building practice environments to be trained and qualified as a spaceholder for transformational, emergent and non-linear spaces, where personal initiation and cultural evolution can happen.

“The magic, a Possibility Management Trainer uses, is not visible for the eye. But you can still learn it!”

Courage and Integrity

What often seems so light-footed and spontaneous from the point of view of the participants in PM Trainings actually comes from the ability of the trainers to keep an intensive space so safe and at the same time in the not knowing over several days, that the transformation can happen for the participants which is possible and necessary for them. Once this ability has become your nature, it is invisible - apart from the results it generates.

This trainer magic is based on a variety of learnable skills, tools and distinctions, as well as a mature and stable trainer matrix built up during your personal initiation in the PM context.

To go the path of initiation to become a Possibility Manager takes courage and integrity. To go the path of initiation to become a Possibility Management Trainer requires even more courage and integrity - for example, the willingness and perseverance to go through all the steps necessary to become a space holder for the context.